Kaeliin and the Mages

It’s not a band, or a novel… though it could be either. I thought I was going to put my bookmarked links into the blogroll in a category and then use a shortcode to list them, but then I realized I wanted sub-categories. Dammit, or waaaaaang.

It’s me, it’s me!
Kaeliin’s armory page
Ask Mr. Robot how to fix it
and then check to see if WoWReforge agrees WoWReforge, like reforging itself is gone. We hated it so much, and now we wish we had it back, because WoD stats are a disaster.

See how that fight went at World of Logs

What to do, what to do (and how to do it)
Icy Veins Frost Mage DPS Stat Priority for reforging
WoW 5.1 Frost Mage PVE Guide at Battle.net
Frost Mage Best in Slot PVE gear at Icy Veins
Elitist Jerks (Elitist Jerks, like so many other things, has gone kaput.)

I’m Stalking You
Yöu, the badass level 80 Fire Mage twink – armory page Alas, twinking is no more, and she’s leveled to 110 and appears to have quit after Legion. Boo.
Kuni, a frost mage I probably saw in LFR – armory page